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Our Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Pyrenean mountain dogs are truly gentle giants. We have loved this breed for many years and in 2008 finally had the opportunity to get our first Pyrenean puppy. There were no Pyrenean puppies in Latvia so we spent a long time researching many breeders and settled on a breeder in Sweden. We were on a waiting list for a year until the white bundle of joy, Dafi, was able to join our family.

Pyreneans are large strong and intelligent dogs that are very affectionate. They are fantastic with kids and other animals. They are full of love and affection and will become a big part of your family. It is sometimes unbelievable how many emotions they can express. They are one of the few dogs that will actually smile with their teeth. So if you seen a large grin and a wagging tail on a Pyrenean then don't be alarmed, they are happy to see you and are smiling at you.

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